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Gurgaon, the land of Guru Dronacharya of Indian Epic Mahabharta, is today the sixth largest city in Haryana. It has become an important industrial and financial center of Haryana. It is one of Delhi’s four major satellite cities and is part of the National Capital Region of India. Over the past 10 years the city has undergone rapid development and construction. A wave of multi national companies chose to locate their call centers in Gurgaon. The city which has acquired the name of ‘Millennium City’ over the years can also be called the call centre capital of the world. Today, Gurgaon is regarded as the best city in India to work and the best city in India to live. Favorable tax policy by the Haryana government, the construction of buildings by private companies, improvement in the city's infrastructure by Haryana Urban Development Authority and its proximity to Indira Gandhi International Airport saw the emergence of Gurgaon as one of the most prominent outsourcing and off shoring hubs in the world. Real Estate, automobile, retail and banking are other major industries. Gurgaon also has a major manufacturing industry. Car manufacturing facilities include India's largest passenger car company, Maruti Suzuki. Hero Honda, the motor cycle company is based in Gurgaon. Retail is another big industry in Gurgaon, where there are 43 malls, including the biggest Mall of India, giving Gurgaon the 3rd highest number of malls in an Indian city. It contributes over 50% of Haryana's income tax revenues along with Faridabad. The per capita income in Gurgaon is 122,212 INR, which makes it the 3rd highest in India after Chandigarh and Mumbai. The city is home to various prestigious educational institutions including the Management Development Institute (MDI); ITM (Institute Of Technology and Management);ILMS (Institute of Law & Management Studies formerly known as National Law College); Dronacharya college of Engineering. The average literacy rate in Gurgaon is about 77 percent which is quite high as compared to national and state literacy rates.Though a number of national dailies come to Gurgaon in the morning and some may be getting published here but these newspapers do not cater to the needs of all the local residents. As the big industrial giants are interested in the news pertaining to trade and industry worldwide, the local reader is interested in knowing what is happening in his proximity or neighborhood. Gurgaon is a happening place and daily one or the event takes place here which may be of interest to one or the other section of society but due to lack of a local news paper it often go unnoticed and untouched in the press. The galaxies of readers have varied tastes, the worker or labourer in the factory wants to know about his organisation and about his surroundings. Similar is the case with his employer or the business community. Now the city of Gurgaon has a daily newspaper. This daily newspaper was started to take care of the interests and catered to the intellectual and business needs of all sections of society. It has become a leading newspaper of Haryana and is being delivered to every part of Haryana. The ‘Gurgaon Mail’ is our Endeavour to provide some reading worthy material to the readers of Gurgaon which may prove of some help in their day to day life in whatever profession they are. We would try our level best to bring out good contents in our tabloid. Hope, with the help, support and guidance from the Gurgaon readers we would be able to meet the demand of the readers. Your help and blessings are solicited to make this endeavour a success.